Something to Think About

Living a daily Christian life in our culture isn’t always trouble-free; in fact, many of the challenges we face have a way of blocking our good intentions. That’s why knowing our true identity in Christ is crucial to living the victorious and abundant life, which was promised to us in Jesus. 
Many times, as we examine ourselves, we weigh out our performance and find ourselves wanting. Our failures, mistakes, sin, hurt and pain, tip the scale against the view we have of ourselves. 
However, God has generously provided everything we need to live a successful life in Him. He is truly a generous God! His grace, which is sufficient, is given to us without holding anything back. 
Yet, somehow we have trouble seeing and believing this truth. We can hear with our ears the great things of our life in Christ, but many times, our hearts do not absorb these truths. 
But think of this: believing is a choice. Faith is not something so far away that it’s beyond our grasp. God has given us the privilege and responsibility to choose what we believe. That’s why living without faith makes it impossible to please God! Without faith/belief (which is a choice), we let life’s challenges knock us down. 
A daily life filled with “choosing to believe” 
  • I am loved.
  • I am accepted.
  • I am forgiven
  • I am filled with the grace of God!  
These beliefs will lead you to live out your victory in Christ!

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, please speak to my heart and guide me into your truth today. I choose You. I choose to believe You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.